Wedding Plant Gifts From Giftaplant

Who's getting married in the morning ding dong the bells are going to shine. We have one of the best solutions to buying wedding presents. Plants, we have done our research and we grow one of the most comprehensive selection of plants and flowers for any Wedding, so the happy couple to be will be sure to get a  unique  gift to mark their special day. So for those of you who are fed up with the toaster and the kettle then why not go for something completely different. Choose from our selection, of scented roses, rose wedding dayrose newly wed, rose lovely bride, rose marry me or how about our  beautiful camellias and clematis range and of course you may choose the option of having you beautiful plant gift wrapped to make that gift extra special.

Please note, due to extreme hot weather conditions over summer, all items must be taken out of the box and unwrapped and watered if necessary. Failing to do this will not give your plant  a good start and will suffer from heat damage. Please note that we are doing ongoing plant maintenance  throughout the year, so your plant when it arrives may not be in bud or flower or  it may be cut back and may have overflowed while in the box. This cannot be helped, it is a natural process for a plant to flower so please bear this in mind when ordering as we will not accept any returns if a plant has no flowers or has over flowered. You are purchasing a living plant gift that will bloom and flower for many years if planted out in the correct way.

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