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Plant Gifts From Giftaplant was founded in 2007 with years of experience in horticulture and a passion for plants and flowers. We set out to offer a little bit more than just a plant for the garden. Many plants often have special meanings and for century’s plants have been named by breeders all over the world all with a unique name. Giftaplant set out to offer something a little bit different...

So what's different about Giftaplant?

Buy Plants and flower gifts online from Giftaplant to celebrate all big occasions, Plant For the garden make wonderful gifts to send throughout the year. Send Plant Gifts and Plants For Presents from Giftaplant we have the the largest selection of Personalised Roses and Personalised Named Plant unique outdoor plant gifts for  Anniversaries, Birthdays, Weddings, Births and Christenings, Retirement, New Home, Mothers Day, Fathers Day or  maybe something red and fragrant for  Valentine’s Day and Christmas. We have the best selection of outdoor plant gifts to send for Mothers Day, Buy  Rose Mum In A Million from Giftaplant a delightful rose with fragrant pink blooms throughout summer and wonderful plant gift to send this Mothers day 10th March 2024. We have the best selection of personalised named rose gifts for Mothers Day from Giftaplant. Plant Gifts For the garden for Mothering Sunday 2023 next day delivery. We have 100’s of plants and flowers gifts that can be ordered online and delivered to your door all of which can be beautifully gift wrapped for you to make that perfect living gift to remember.

It’s a personal thing

Personalised Named Plants and Roses With A Name From Giftaplant

How often have you spent many precious hours searching for that unique gift idea for a special occasion? Well here at Giftaplant we can offer you that chance to buy a present with a real difference.

We grow and sell the largest collection of named roses and rose with a name.  Personalised named rose and plant gifts from Giftaplant the best selection in the country or possibly the world! a unique living gift to send famiy and friends. So if you are looking for a rose with a name  or a special meaning then you’ll find it right here

Plant Gifts For All Occasions

What could be better than to receive a living plant gift to watch it grow, flower and fruit over the years; all our rose gifts and plant gift can be beautifully giftwrapped to make that gift extra special all conveniently boxed and beautifully presented for that instant gift.

Buy Roses With A Personalised Name, From Giftaplant, the largest collection of named roses and named plants with a specific Christian name to send a personalised gift search our website for an extensive range of rose names for girls and rose names for boys.

For centuries, plant breeders and collectors across the world have been naming their favourite new plants after cherished friends or to commemorate a special event such as a birth of their first born or grandchildren.

Giftaplant grows and supply the largest range of plants for gifts that are specific to both Christian names and Surnames in the country. If you are still unsure what we are going on about then here we go!

So if you are after a retirement present for your dear friend Betty you could get the stunning deep purple flowers of Magnolia Betty. Maybe for your Grand daughters Molly and Grace you could get the beautiful crimson red flowers of Rose Our Molly, or the striking scented blooms of Rose Grace, some of popular names of like Rose George, Rose Barbara, Rose Janet, Rose Margaret, Rose Richard, we all those beautiful roses for you to buy online .

We can even try and match a plant for both Christian and Surnames to give you the complete match. From the yellow flowered Clematis Bill McKenzie to the scented Lavender Richard Gray, the list is endless, so to find out if you are famous, go to our Giftaplant Personalised Plant Search and you never know you might be a beautiful scented rose, an exquisite Camellia, a hot blooded perennial or sadly just a dandelion!

So now you know what we are all about, since 2007 we have been growing and selling the best and widest range of plant gifts and flower gifts online in order to bring smiles and tears of joy to so many faces. We are No.1 shop for choice for roses with a special name and plant gifts with a personalised name to be delivered all over the world send a personalised  plant gift they will never forget!

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