New baby

Welcome to the world!

Celebrate the birth of a new baby with a beautiful plant and flower gift. Mark this special occasion with one of many choices of living plant gifts to celebrate the birth of a new baby boy, girl, twins or even triplets.

We have the beautiful Rose New Arrival with its bright golden yellow blooms or the pale creamy blooms of Rose Isn't She Lovely for the birth of a new baby girl. We have numerous gift roses all for a birth of a new baby, and not to mention the roses with a novel name like Rose Tickled Pink, Rose Your're Beautiful, Rose Absolutely Fabulous all are great celebration rose gift to mark this treasured occasion.

Its Twins!

Welcome to the world of new born twins, Giftaplant has great selection of plant gifts to celebrate the birth of twin baby boys or girls or perhaps one of each variety.

Rose Double Delight is a stunning rose in creamy white shades with the petals edge raspberry pink.

We also have another great choice of plant gift  for celebrating the birth of triplets with the beautiful Rose Triple Delight a wonderful rose and a unique gift to send for this special occasion.

Personalised Gift Roses For New Baby

Giftaplant holds the largest collection of personalised named plant gifts in the country or perhaps the world! and to mark the birth of a new baby why not send something personalised. Personalised roses and plant gifts named after a new baby make unique and memorable gifts we have a great selection from Rose Jack, Charlotte, Amelia Or even Rose Alice you may search the Giftaplant website for a unique personalised rose gift for your new baby's name

Plant Gifts

Not only do we have the  best selection of roses for a new born baby but you will find some of the best plants gift for this wonderful occasion. From the shell pink flowers of Camellia congratulations, or to best selection of Olive trees. Olives symbol the peace,wisdom,health, wealth amongst many other things.

All our beautiful plants for a new baby can be order and you may choice of request delivery day for your item to be delivered on.All plant gift may be beautifully giftwrapped to make sure gift extra special with a free gift message card and care instructions to help you maintain you plant gift for years to come.